Uniform is the secret tool to improve productivity.


We have already talked about the importance of the custom made uniforms to strengthen the corporate image, but have you ever come to believe that they can have a direct influence on daily productivity? Although it seems a bit difficult to believe, the truth is that it is possible, and today we will review some of the areas in which we can see the level of work increased thanks to the use of bespoke uniforms. Integral Uniforms are the best uniform manufacturers and uniform supplier in Qatar.

• Emotional bonding with the employee:

The work clothing must be seen as an opportunity to create a sense of belonging with our workers and that conceive the company as something of their own instead of an outside entity to which they go for the obligation to obtain income. Studies in Human Resources have thrown alarming data, it has been shown that 70% of workers feel more obligation than a real interest in the work they do, which leads them to invest the least energy in their daily activities to get ahead. If we wear the right custom made uniform, we can establish a much more direct relationship of belonging. Integral Uniforms are a fabulous option because with them a much more casual image is created that adapts to the personality of each one of the employees, can help us to feel more enthusiastic and willing to work as a team. That is to say, through the particular recognition we improve the community gear that will make the company advance without setbacks.

• Comfort in daily tasks:

Almost all of us have the preconception that to achieve higher comfort indexes at work it is better to use any clothes, however, many uniforms are not designed to be worn for a long time. How many times have we heard women complaining about the pains caused by high heels, or in the case of men, ties too tight, which eventually can cause serious distractions, reducing their concentration in daily work? With a standard custom made uniform to withstand long hours of work, we can ensure that our employees have some physical stability and can move without any discomfort. In addition, depending on the labor sector,

• The emotional bond with the client:

Now, let’s explore a little the external perception of the custom uniforms. As an element of this nature works through meanings and depending on the profile of the institution will generate an emotional reaction in people. For example: if we see someone uniformed police or fireman will make us feel much safer. Taking this idea, custom made uniforms must also seek certain reactions in their users, especially availability and friendliness. For example, if we design too rigid uniforms we can create a version in the clients and finally, they will choose not to buy our products or to contract our services, in the other extreme we find the too casual uniforms that generate mistrust and inexperience. We recommend helping us with some psychology of color when defining the business uniform we are going to implement. In this area, it is important to highlight again the Integral uniforms because they are precisely in the middle of these polarized points.

• Strengthening the awareness of teamwork:

The united communities work because they recognize each other and this same philosophy is what we must implement when we introduce the custom made uniform among our work team, explaining that it is not about making everyone look the same, but that they are recognized as part of a corporation. With the same goal: the growth of it. To survive in an increasingly voracious market, teamwork is fundamental for any company and no matter how big, if the work team is not cohesive enough it will not survive for long and the custom made uniform can help us to consolidate those ties.

• Valorization of the employee:

Finally, one of the paramount values to implement the industrial uniform is to create strategies that allow us to protect our workers against any unforeseen event or accident. It is vital to make this known to our employees so that they do not see work clothes as an imposition but as a genuine concern and consideration for the safety of workers in correspondence with the effort they make to improve the company’s results. This will help us strengthen the other points we have mentioned in this text.

Undoubtedly, the Integral Uniforms will help you to solidify the points previously exposed, but they will also bring you economic benefits because their materials are of such quality that their useful life is considerably extended. In addition, they are easy to maintain so your employees can keep them properly so they always look presentable to customers or partners.
It is also important to work with a company that specializes in this type of project because they will offer you the best alternatives in the market, adjusting to your particular needs. That is the main characteristic and objective of integral uniforms to help boost the productivity of the companies that work with us.
Before signing off, we would like to thank all our customers for the trust they have placed in us, not only when order to manufacture their uniforms, but also for continuing to visit this blog. After all, it is a place for horizontal communication between us and our potential customers. Therefore we invite you to feed it with your comments or suggestions. Integral Qatar has been the leading brand and known as the best uniform manufacturers and largest uniform supplier in Qatar since ages.


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